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TUES 1st DEC at 11am


Sales Agency Marketer Opens Lettings Agency!

Not yet … but I never say never….

I’ve been asked by so many letting agents over more than a decade, the same question:

“What marketing can I use
to grow my lettings agency?”

And to tell you the truth, I’ve been stumped by this question.

So I decided to challenge myself.

What if that headline was true?

What if I really did open a letting agency?

What would I do? How would I do it? And what tools would I need?

And I think I’ve cracked it.

I’ve created a list of just 5 Simple Tools
I would personally use if I was going to
make that headline a reality, and open my own lettings agency.
(Plus an extra bonus ‘half’ I just couldn’t leave out.)

Want to know what they are?

Thought you might…

This webinar is a little different from all my others. In fact, it’s a lot different.

Here’s why:

It’s by invitation only.

Yup, you read that right.

You have to apply to get on this free webinar.


But why would I ‘gate’ this hugely valuable content? Don’t I want every agent to know it?


I’m only going to share these 5 ½ Simple Tools with the most committed, dedicated, and motivated independent letting agents I know.

If that’s you, then go ahead and apply. And if I agree, and I accept you, you’ll get a private link to join the webinar.

So go ahead – complete the 7 questions. I’ll wait….

Lettings agency marketing is harder than sales agency marketing.

Way harder.

In fact, there’s very little that actually works to grow a successful lettings agency unless you are:

a)    Very rich, or

b)    Very patient.

If you’re neither, I suggest my webinar is going to be the most valuable content you’ve discovered since you started your agency.

(And it’s free, if you qualify to join.) 

If you want

  • tactics you can implement without going broke
  • tools you can use without chucking your laptop out the window with frustration, and
  • ideas you can try before your competitors do….

Please note: 

I don’t want procrastinators – my webinar is an NEZ (a No Excuses Zone)

I don’t want tyre-kickers – you have to be genuinely ready to take quick and decisive action

I don’t want employees – if you’re not an agency owner, you won’t be able to join

Here’s who I’m going to be sharing these 5 ½ tools with:

  • Letting agents who are frustrated, confused and overwhelmed
  • Letting agents who are ready to change their future – and their fortunes
  • Letting agents who are determined to take their agency to the next level – and so secure their financial future – whatever it takes.

Is this you? Are you ready to uplevel??

Let’s go!

Here’s the link. Just answer the 7 questions and if you’re successful, I’ll email you a private link to join this webinar. Add Tuesday 1st December at 11am to your diary now because if you miss it, you won’t get another chance to see it.

Me (and George) in Scotland dreaming up ways to grow the letting agency I don’t have….yet