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World class lead generation for Independent Estate Agents.

World class lead generation for Independent Estate Agents
that adds 6 figures to your bottom line every year.

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‘You see the potential. It’s our job to get you there.’

No time

We’ve yet to meet an agency owner who claims to have the time to write their own monthly sales letters, write their own content, create their own graphics, and schedule it all across several platforms, manually. Each Firewave Campaign we create packs around 30 hours of writing and design time, so you can do what you do best – list and sell houses!

No know-how

Having the gift of the gab is a very useful skill in this industry, but copywriting to convert a reader to an enquiry is a whole other talent. Unless you’re going to learn how to write for your audience, and fast, you need an expert to do it for you. And that’s where we come in…

No need

Richard Branson didn’t get to be the owner of 400 companies (yes, 400), by doing every job required. He learned to let go, delegate and outsource, so he could focus on growing his empire. We want to do the same for you, so you can relax, knowing your written and visual content are in safe, expert hands.

Our clients results
are more powerful than any of our promises...

Georges Verdis

One of my biggest concerns using Firewave and the coaching from Sam and Phil have been that they are based in the Lake District and we are based in central London. The market is different, the prices are different, even the sizes of our homes are smaller! How could it possibly work? Having applied their…


Anna Hart

My business start-up would have been far slower without Firewave, and I am so glad I signed up when I did. Direct mail will now be an integral part of my marketing for years to come!


Julie Hill

As most agency owners will agree the biggest challenge we face is time and the amount of content you get from Firewave is really impressive. Enough to keep you going for at least a month … If you really want to get ahead and called out to the properties you want to sell I can’t…


Ian Storey

Initially I was concerned that paper / direct mail advertising was dead (now proved incorrect!) … We haven’t been doing the letters for long and have already had one listing which will result in a £10,000 fee … I can highly recommend Firewave to independent agents across the country.


Lisa Curran

The Firewave social media content and direct mail letters are much easier to implement than I thought and have brought amazing results.  My average fee has increased by 300% on new instructions and I am adding at least two clients a month.   Thank you Sam, Phil and team.  Your guidance and support is MUCH…


Our products

A whole Estate Agency lead generating marketing department, at the touch of your fingertips.

Digital Authority Content

Content that makes you look amazing

Expertly written and designed authority content for your website and social media to position you as the go to agent in your area

  • 1000-word blog post every month
  • Ready-to-go designed posts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Access to the Firewave App to schedule all your social posts

Direct Mail

Direct mail that gets you into the best homes in your area

World class sales letters written, designed and sent to you every month to consistently get you through the doors of the best homes in your area

  • Industry leading, response driven, content-based sales letters sent to you every month
  • World-class techniques and strategies to help your agency differentiate on the doorstep
  • Fully editable so you can customise them to suit your agency’s values and details

Why us?

Tired of the overwhelming options of industry proptech? So were we!

We are the only estate agency lead generation company in the UK that uses the tools we offer with Firewave, in our own Estate Agency! We have felt the pain of no valuations in the diary, we have felt the frustration of no time to write content and we have had our heads in our hands when a home goes on the market…that should have come been ours!

Everything we do for Firewave HAS to be the very best, and is.

We built our agency to number one in the Lakes for high value homes in just over 18 months, with two very simple marketing methods. Social media content and direct mail.

This led to many of our industry friends, and now Firewave members, asking how we did it, and, can we do it for them…

And Firewave was born.

Exclusive to one agent in each area so you can have a consistent advantage over all your competitors

Over 20 years of combined industry experience

Day-to-day running of our own agency, so we know how you feel

It's time to ignite your agency's marketing

Firewave can get you through the door, then help you list the best homes in your area. Click the big grey button to find out how.

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