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Our 3 Direct Mail Markets

Our 3 Direct Mail Markets (– including 1 we bet you’re not using)

You’ve probably heard about our legendary direct mail letters we write for our Firewave members. The results we and our members have had are phenomenal, especially recently, when stock is at an all-time low – these sales letters have given us all a much-needed stock boost. But a big question we get asked all the…

Can you generate main blog image

Can you generate £285,425 in listed fees, in just one month?

Impossible? No….. quite simple, in fact. But not easy…. We know, because one of our VIP clients did exactly that. By simply implementing the Profit PyramidTM we taught her. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First let’s find out a bit more about our heroine Lucy (and her hero husband, Michael). We first connected…

10 Direct mail myths

10 Direct Mail Myths Estate Agents Believe…and 10 Surprising Truths you’ll want to know

A question for you: if you woke up tomorrow and your biggest challenge was solved, what would be different for you? More quality valuation invitations? Higher fees without pushback? Less competition for the best homes? Direct mail is the miracle worker that can grant you all three of these wishes. When we talk to independent…

5 1_2 simple tools

5 ½ Simple Tools to Win More Landlords

We are Sam Ashdown and Phil Jones, and we own and run AshdownJones, the Lake District estate agents.  We don’t do lettings. But we know that marketing for letting agents is really, really hard. It’s ok for sales agents, like us. We can send out letters to properties on the market, and be pretty confident…

Main Market Maker image

How to be a market maker

If you don’t know who we are, we’re Sam and Phil, and together we own and run the AJ Group, which consists of four companies (as of right now, but could have grown by the time you read this…) AshdownJones – the Lake District estate agents Retreats & Hideaways – holiday let agency Firewave –…

How to make your content go further

How to make your content go further, and reach more vendors and landlords

Content is precious. It’s hard to create, time-consuming to get right, and most agents find it’s just not worth the trouble. But it is. Authority content is a vital investment in your business, that will give back for many years after you’ve created it. But once you’ve created a piece you can be proud of,…

Our top 4 sources of high value valuation enquiries

Our top 4 sources of high value valuation enquiries

As I write this post, AshdownJones is approaching 3 years old. It’s been quite a ride. Mostly good, though we’ve of course made some humungous mistakes too. You want details? Ok then… For example, we took on a Business Development Manager after just 4 months, thinking it would free up our time so someone else…

Tik Tok for estate agents - main blog image

TikTok for estate agents?

“TikTok is a fad”. “It’s for kids making lip-synching videos”. “It’ll never be a business tool.” Or even “over my dead body”. TikTok seems to have the ability to polarise people, judging by these comments and more that have been bandied around in my hearing lately. Perhaps you agree with one or more of these…

FAQ's on Attracting and Converting High Value Homes v2

FAQs on Attracting and Converting High Value Homes

Between us, Phil and I have spent two decades, teaching and training independent agents how to target, attract, convert and sell the top 20% of homes in their areas. Over the years, we’ve had the same questions about this strategy put to us, time and time again. So we thought we’d answer them all now,…

Our Direct Mail Secrets

Our Direct Mail Secrets (and results)

Confused by direct mail? Not sure if you should be sending out leaflets, letters, 20-20s, or something else? Frustrated by how unbelievably expensive it is, for how little return?  You’re not alone. But don’t worry, Phil and I are not only the owners and founders of AshdownJones, (the Lake District Estate Agents), we are also…