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Customer Acquistion

Customer acquisition – the cold hard truth

Warning: don’t read this post if you have a less-than-robust constitution. It’s probably unlike anything you’ve ever been told before…. Around 80% of independent agents cite ‘word of mouth’ as their primary source of business? Followed closely by ‘referrals’, which is pretty much the same thing. Then ‘local reputation’; oops, there it is again. I’m…

Apple vs Facebook

Apple VS Facebook – what does it mean for estate agents?

Two of the biggest companies of our lifetime are fighting. The fallout will be the single biggest change in internet advertising history. This is big news. HUGE. What’s it all about? Apple will no longer allow data to be passed from any IOS device – currently iPhones, iPads, Apple watch and Apple TV – to…

What's working for us right now on facebook

What’s working for us right now on Facebook

The Power of Facebook Social media is an essential part of your high value homes strategy, and Facebook should be at the top of your list. Currently, there is no platform more important and more powerful than Facebook. Two in three people in the UK has a Facebook account, which is 42 million users. 60%…

Canvassing and leafletting

Canvassing or leafleting – do they WORK??

“Canvassing is dead – long live direct mail” What’s your definition of direct mail? Thousands of leaflets, door-to-door? If so, it’s time for a rethink. You see, sending out leaflets in your area to every household is canvassing. It’s what pizza parlours do, and Chinese take-aways. It’s not what a professional services company should be…

7 Content secrets that convert clicks to clients

7 Content Secrets to Convert Clicks to Clients

Do you frequently find yourself wishing someone would actually tell you how to use content to generate leads?

Do you wonder if it’s actually possible to use a blog to win quality instructions?

6 Genius Ideas Direct Mail

6 Genius Ideas to get your Direct Mail Noticed

What exactly is direct mail? Is it canvassing? Is it leaflets? Is it postcards? Direct mail is actually a letter. It’s addressed to a person, or an address, or both. Unlike leaflets, which are sent out indiscriminately door to door, direct mail is highly targeted and sent to a specific address. I know, I know…

Top 5 Challenges Estate Agents face copy

The 5 Top challenges estate agents face – and our solutions

What are the 5 top challenges estate agents face? In this article, we talk about the five very real challenges to success that many agency owners bring to us, every day.