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When you are accepted as a Firewave member, you’re not buying a ‘service’. You’re not embarking on a ‘programme’.

You’re getting results.

Our team is OBSESSED with results. Yours. That’s why we go out of our way and do whatever it takes to make sure YOU get the results you need from Firewave.

Results like Lucy Joerin.

When Lucy came to us, she had the motivation, the drive & the hunger to make the most of everything on offer. Fast forward 12 months and Lucy was able to list £284,425 in ONE MONTH!

Some results are faster and more obvious than others. Sales letters can be an instant success – our clients often get calls within a couple of days.  However, this isn’t always the case. We were just invited out on a valuation for a £1.8m home that we’d sent 13 letters to, over a year and a half.

Persistence certainly pays off.

LJ Case Study

Whilst our sales letters can bring you fast and clear results, adding authority content to your website and social media helps make sure you actually win the instruction.

With Firewave, you get vendor-focused content that positions you as the go-to property expert in your area. With a new campaign every single month, any vendor that is sitting on the fence, wondering whether your agency, or your competitor’s, is the right one for them, will feel more confident about making the right choice – you.  Firewave content lifts your brand, proves you know your subject, and allows your local homeowners to get to know you before you get invited to value their home.  That way, when you walk through the door, you already have an unfair advantage over your competitors. Just as we do, at AshdownJones.

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You see the potential.
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Georges Verdis

One of my biggest concerns using Firewave and the coaching from Sam and Phil have been that they are based in the Lake District and we are based in central London. The market is different, the prices are different, even the sizes of our homes are smaller! How could it possibly work? Having applied their…

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Anna Hart

My business start-up would have been far slower without Firewave, and I am so glad I signed up when I did. Direct mail will now be an integral part of my marketing for years to come!

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Julie Hill

As most agency owners will agree the biggest challenge we face is time and the amount of content you get from Firewave is really impressive. Enough to keep you going for at least a month … If you really want to get ahead and called out to the properties you want to sell I can’t…

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Ian Storey

Initially I was concerned that paper / direct mail advertising was dead (now proved incorrect!) … We haven’t been doing the letters for long and have already had one listing which will result in a £10,000 fee … I can highly recommend Firewave to independent agents across the country.

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Lisa Curran

The Firewave social media content and direct mail letters are much easier to implement than I thought and have brought amazing results.  My average fee has increased by 300% on new instructions and I am adding at least two clients a month.   Thank you Sam, Phil and team.  Your guidance and support is MUCH…

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Julie Hill
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