Put simply – we get you through more doors.

Those doors that you know your agency should be getting through and listing. You may convert the majority of valuation appointments you go in to listings, but you just need more valuation appointments.

That’s where we come in…


Digital Authority Content that makes you look amazing

Expertly written and designed authority content for your website and social media to position you as the go to agent in your area

  • 1000-word blog post every month
  • Ready-to-go designers posts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Access to the Firewave App to schedule all of your social posts for that months campaign
  • Access to quarterly Firewave Mastermind Days in the Lakes
  • Access to BONUS training days – such as LEGEND™ Conversion

Direct mail that gets you into the best homes in your area

World class sales letters written, designed and sent to you every month to consistently get you through the doors of the best homes in your area

  • Industry leading, response driven, content-based sales letters sent to you every month
  • World-class techniques and strategies to help your agency differentiate on the doorstep
  • Fully editable so you can customise them to suit your agency’s values and details

Firewave Ignite Content

Digital Authority Content & Direct Mail work perfectly well on their own. But our clients get the very best results when the combine them. Our Digital Authority Content builds authority over time, and will lead to homes that aren’t currently on the market choosing you as their estate agent. Direct Mail will give you the opportunity to be the number one agent for homes that are on the market and struggling to sell.

We believe in combining Digital Authority Content & Direct Mail so much – that the deal we offer for both is RIDICULOUS!

What we do

The best and quickest way to grow your agency in a consistent, predictable and profitable way, is with the Profit PyramidTM:  direct mail, authority content and social media.

Implement these correctly, and scale your business to double, or even triple the revenue and profit it is now.


The best investment you can make in your agency right now is to apply to become a Firewave member.

When you join, you get access to a complete library of training, resources, tools and tactics you can simply copy and replicate our success, without having to re-invent the marketing wheel, as you’re doing now.

We promise to:

  • Walk you through the entire Profit PyramidTM system, from start-to-finish
  • Share tons of our own marketing and conversion examples, bonuses, and growth hacks we use in our own industry-leading agency (you won’t find this anywhere else)
  • Welcome you at Firewave HQ in Windermere, where you can explore the AshdownJones’ offices, chat to our team, check out our systems and browse our brochures. We really are an open book.

As soon as you become a Firewave member, almost instantly, all of the confusion, fear, and stress that stems from running an agency alone (which is every agency owner’s struggle) will vanish because you’ll have an easy-to-follow framework that you can rely on time and time again.

Plus, in case you have questions or need additional support, you also get access to our private Ignite Facebook group where you can ask your toughest questions and interact directly with me and some of the top players in the estate agency world.

This is pretty much equivalent to having us looking over your shoulder as you’re growing your agency, and giving you world-class feedback on how to grow quicker and more profitably!

It’s pure gold.

Georges Verdis

One of my biggest concerns using Firewave and the coaching from Sam and Phil have been that they are based in the Lake District and we are based in central London. The market is different, the prices are different, even the sizes of our homes are smaller! How could it possibly work? Having applied their…


Anna Hart

My business start-up would have been far slower without Firewave, and I am so glad I signed up when I did. Direct mail will now be an integral part of my marketing for years to come!


Julie Hill

As most agency owners will agree the biggest challenge we face is time and the amount of content you get from Firewave is really impressive. Enough to keep you going for at least a month … If you really want to get ahead and called out to the properties you want to sell I can’t…


Ian Storey

Initially I was concerned that paper / direct mail advertising was dead (now proved incorrect!) … We haven’t been doing the letters for long and have already had one listing which will result in a £10,000 fee … I can highly recommend Firewave to independent agents across the country.


Lisa Curran

The Firewave social media content and direct mail letters are much easier to implement than I thought and have brought amazing results.  My average fee has increased by 300% on new instructions and I am adding at least two clients a month.   Thank you Sam, Phil and team.  Your guidance and support is MUCH…


What you need to do, right now

  1. Click the button and find out if your area is still available
  2. Don’t get distracted
  3. Don’t allow yourself to procrastinate
  4. See steps 1-3

Soon as you do it, you can rest easy, knowing we’ll be on the phone chatting very soon, and your agency dreams are a huge step closer to becoming a reality.


Sam and Phil

Did you know

Over 50% of homes on the online portals do not sell with the first listing estate agent