Can you generate £285,425 in listed fees, in just one month?

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Impossible? No….. quite simple, in fact.

But not easy….

We know, because one of our VIP clients did exactly that. By simply implementing the Profit PyramidTM we taught her. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First let’s find out a bit more about our heroine Lucy (and her hero husband, Michael).

Meet Lucy Joerin headshot and description, owner of Stowhill estates, her average fee value is £15,022

We first connected in 2018 when Lucy wanted to join our Add £100k Programme.

But she couldn’t.

She had the motivation. The drive. The hunger. 

But she didn’t have the money. (£3k)

For a year, Sam pinged her the odd message.

Sometimes Lucy replied. She attended our free trainings.

And just kept on, on her hamster wheel.

Doing too much work for the wrong clients.

One day, Lucy saw this ad in her inbox. 

Email announcing how we sent 55 letters, and got 5 responses within 72 hours.

This time, she decided to take action.

She booked her place.

And we finally met, at the Direct Mail workshop in Birmingham, on the 28th June 2019.

A room in Birmingham Library full of people, with Sam and Phil presenting

During the course of the day, seeing the struggles other independent agents were facing, something changed in Lucy.

She realised she was never going to reach her financial goals without help.


A message sent by Lucy thanking Sam for the Direct Mail day

12 days later, Lucy posted this massive win:

A Facebook post from Lucy Joerin explaining how she has just own an instruction from Savills, worth £1.75 million, at 1.5%

Over the next few weeks, Lucy and her husband Michael followed our plan to the letter. No excuses, no wavering – they just trusted the process would work.

And it did.

This is what they posted only 11 weeks after Lucy attended our Direct Mail workshop:

A Facebook post from Lucy Joerin stating another win from Savills, for £1.75 million

And just a month later, they won their biggest ever fee, £39,750 – from a property Savills couldn’t sell. But they did.

So what was Lucy doing that wasn’t working before she started working with us?

She was trying to be everything to everybody. She wasn’t saying ‘no’ to properties that didn’t suit her brand, ethos or fee structure, and because of this, owners of high value homes didn’t consider them suitable to sell their properties. And the valuations she did get invited out to, weren’t prepared to pay her fees.

Basically, she was doing too much work for too little money.

So what did Lucy do in the first year of being a Firewave member that enabled her to list a whopping £285,425 in listed fees, in one month, just a year later?

She became selective

How being selective about the listings she took on made Lucy so much more successful:

  1. It’s pretty much the same amount of work to list a £3 million as it is to list a £300,000 house
  2. You don’t need as many property sales to make a profit every month
  3. Which is a far better return on your time and resources
  4. You tend to attract clients who appreciate you and the value you bring
  5. As a by-product, you build an aspirational reputation, and attract more high value homes

Volume is great for your ego, but eventually you’ll run out of time or reach the fee ceiling for your area.

2 homes on offer, one fee worth £3,600, the other fee worth £36,000

What Lucy did that made it happen:

STEP 1 – She came to workshop – WILLINGNESS TO LEARN
STEP 2 – She joined Firewave – TAKING ACTION
STEP 4 – She targeted only the homes she really wanted – TRUST THE PROCESS
STEP 5 – She created the best property marketing for those homes – RAISING THE BAR
STEP 6 – She raised her fees and stuck to them – BELIEVING IN HERSELF


The Profit Pyramid, explaining the 3 elements of the profit pyramid, Direct Mail, Content, and Funnels

The Firewave PROFIT PYRAMIDTM is simple, but not easy. It’s what we followed religiously to get AshdownJones from a standing start on the 1st April 2017, to consistently being invited to list the very best homes in the Lake District, just four years later. In our first year alone, our Direct Mail resulted in £364,962 in listed fees – 70% of ALL our listings at that point.

Out of 60 valuations we’ve been on in 2021 as I write this, 31 of them have come from Direct Mail, with an average fee of an astounding £29,163.

The Authority Content we write for AshdownJones and our Firewave members positions us as experts in our industry and leaders in our area. When a homeowner receives one of our sales letters, we know they are probably going to want to check out our website and our specialist content gives them the reassurance and confidence they seek, before they get in contact with us.

Our Social Media creates an audience of our target client demographic, and helps keep us top of mind. Our strong connections with local business owners of all sizes gives us the respect and positioning in the community that encourages referrals and recommendations with confidence.

That’s why, by following the PROFIT PYRAMIDTM Lucy was able to build up a consistent pipeline of quality, high value valuations that she then was able to convert at a higher and higher rate, as her reputation for selling high value homes increased.

It’s a virtuous cycle. One that we call

The GDR PlanTM

The GDR plan, stating the plan consisting of Growth, Delivery and Results
Creating a beautiful, profitable cycle of leads, instructions and referrals.


Lead Generation

Direct Mail – technical sales letters to targeted homes on a regular basis

Social Media – keeping you top of mind for your chosen audience, generating referrals and recommendations

Authority Content – articles and graphics that position you as an industry expert and thought leader.


Bespoke Property Marketing

Styling – making sure all your properties look beautifully ready for photography

Photography – lifestyle, twilight, drone and local images to showcase your homes

Brochures – a magazine-style brochure, beautifully printed, will market your agency more effectively than any glossy corporate could ever do



Referrals – the lifeblood of any agency, referrals from happy clients carry weight and credibility

Social Proof – a sold board outside a premium home in a great location says more about the success of your brand than any amount of marketing can do

Aspirational Brand – all the above steps position your agency as being THE agent for special, high value homes. Success breeds success, and homeowners are attracted to brands that stand for excellence.

How does being a Firewave member help you with your own GDR PlanTM?

Here’s how:


Firewave technical sales letters and authority content

  • Help you GROW by getting your phone ringing with valuation enquiries


Firewave Academy

  • We show you how to showcase your listings so they become your marketing


Your Results

  • The more you succeed, the more you succeed.

What to do next

Here are three ways we can help you to get the GROWTH-DELIVERY-RESULTS cycle working for you and your agency:

  1. Go to and check if your area is available
  2. Call Hayley to see if you’re a good fit for Firewave on 015394 40892
  3. Message Sam on Facebook and ask your toughest marketing strategy question

Speak soon

Sam and Phil

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